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People accept the Truth



Being a muslim may seem like something really strange, or something unthinkable. It may be seen as something for people far away in arabia or asia, people who are backwards or those who lack knowledge or intellect. These are just some of the stereotypes non muslims have. But this is changing rapidly, as Islam begins to grow all over the world. From every point of the compass, the truth cannot be stopped. Below are some testimonies of some of those who have exercised there intellect and accepted the ultimate truth. These videos will show the fact that, no matter what race or culture you are from, no matter what language you speak - the truth is the same in all, something undeniable. They also felt like you once upon a time, seeing the possibilty of accepting Islam as a certain impossibility. But look at them now and judge for yourself...



Your average American "girl next door" Angela Collins Accept Islam after the horrible events of Sept 11. Although the American Muslim community had to to deal with a great deal of attacks and an increase of Islamophopia in the US, this did not decrease the number of people reverting to Islam and choosing Islam for their way of life. On the contrary the numbers of people choosing Islam as a way of life increased due to it constantly being on the news. Even though most coverage and news reports try to show Islam with a negative light, the truth usualy is made clear when the Americans look into Islam directly from Muslims and by reading the Holy Quran



Even from the land downunder in Australia Islam is the Fastest growing religion...why?? This film gives a little bit of insight with the story of Hashim and Susan and thier journey to Islam



See the story of of a Hindu who accepted Islam as the truth after learning about it and turning his back on his old way of life



Prof. Milan from Czech Republic used to be an atheist. But after his work in the world of science and after reading the holy Quran, he converted to Islam. Dont believe me? watch the video for yourself!



This video shows the story of individuals who convert from Judaism to Islam. An amazing journey bearing in mind the current mistrust amongst the two faiths.



Muhammad Musab Robert Heft (Former Gambling Adict) explains how he came to Islam and what were the factors that showed him that Islam is the true religion? He also explains about the impact of becoming a Muslim on his life



This is a clip about British Sister Latifa (Rachel) Ford who converted to Islam during her time at university. This highlights her family's reaction to her conversion. They were shocked at first because of how the media portrayed Muslims and Islam, and the only religious background they ever had was Christianity. They eventually come around and accepted her decision.